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Model No.:Cajon Accessories
Product Description


        Cajon Castanets                             

CJ-1BB      Cajon Finger Bell (single bell), black          

CJ-1BN      Cajon Finger Bell (single bell), natural              

CJ-2BB      Cajon Finger Bell (double bell), black         

CJ-2BN      Cajon Finger Bell (double bell), natural             

CJ-3B        Cajon Finger Jingle, black                       

CJ-3N        Cajon Finger Jingle, natural                            

CJ-4B        Foot Tambourine (w/4 pairs of jingle)               

CJ-4N        Foot Tambourine (w/4 pairs of jingle)         

CJ-5          Plastic Ring Finger Shaker                 

CJ-6          Plastic Motion Shaker